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Myrtle Beach NSW South Coast

Myrtle Beach NSW Australia is located 20 klms North of Batemans Bay in the Murramarang National Park. 

The Murramarang Camping and Resort is just 3 klms from Myrtle Beach. 

Myrtle Beach is promoted by the Free Beach Assoc. of NSW as a traditional free beach where visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of feeling free with nature: Clothing Optional. 

The beach is secluded and reasonably long, enabling you to choose your suitable location; either privately in the bush areas or on the beach. 

The beach is not overly busy, even in the holiday times, which makes it an ideal place to escape from society. 

There are no services at Myrtle Beach. It is advised to take thongs, a shade tent, towel, water, hat, sunglasses and plenty of sun cream. The sand gets very hot to walk on in the summer months.

"Enjoy your life - Be part of nature - Connect mind and body - Be free"

Murramarang Camping and Motorcycle Camping at Murramarang Resort is just  2.1 klms from Myrtle Beach NSW. 
A 6 minute drive or a 30 minute walk.

Important: Before you travel to Murramarang National Park it is best to check on Updates and Road Closures

A first visit to a nude beach need not be intimidating if you are prepared with some knowledge of what to expect. This page attempts to falsify the myths and draw some analogies within the nude beach paradox.

This information is designed for individuals and couples who would like to experience and enjoy the freedom of nudity, within natural surroundings, Nature.  Once ventured and experienced the feeling is enlightening. It touches our Being within. An inner self that was lost over time due to personal interactions with materialism and our restrictive societal structure.

Each nude beach has its own dynamics. From a small busy nude beach to a private and expansive area. This becomes a personal preference. Would you prefer a busy and compact nude beach, or more privacy within the realms of a larger private and secluded beach? To know this knowledge explicitly, it is necessary to experience both.

Nude beaches deliver their own particular environment to suit varying symbolical visual interpretations. Each participant is the collective protagonist within the affinity of group nudity.

A busy nude beach has its own consideration etiquette where all participants enjoy an environment of cooperation. A view whereas what occurs on the nude beach is private and accepted without judgment.   

A private expansive beach provides its own unique private participatory involvement. A preferential beach area is selected to suit each one’s personal psyche and needs for the day.

A nude beach is similar to a clothed beach. The only difference is, everyone is nude. And just like a clothed beach, everyone becomes people watchers.  Size, shape, is irrelevant. The naked body is collectively appreciated and enjoyed in its natural state. The main consideration within this open environment is to experience nature without restrictions.  If you feel intimidated by men looking at you, don’t be. They intrinsically enjoy your bold and confident disposition in any shape or format.

The likelihood, within this relaxed atmosphere of natural nudity, of a man gaining an erection is negligible and depends on the circumstance. Generally, he will not “rise to the occasion” unless provoked.  The normal etiquette on an open nude beach is discreteness, and consideration for the intimate personal privacy of others. Affable communication, if reciprocated, provides interpersonal affinity with nature.

Intimate privacy for congruent couples requires consideration, as interpersonal chemistry may be enhanced being nude together, leading to natural touch and intimacy. Expressions of closeness and connectivity are common within their own nudity surrounds. Nature evokes a wonderment of closeness and naturally entices desires within.

Although couples do enjoy nude beaches there is a tendency for more middle age men to enjoy the natural surroundings depending on the location. Generally, they are respectful of privacy, yet can be communicatively open. They are only being friendly and appreciative of others that share their expressive nudity. Natural nudity is empirically homogeneous (alike) touching an affinity with our intrinsic self.

A larger expansive nude beach, with privacy areas, evokes different dynamics. Couples may be enticed by their idyllic connectivity and discretely touch, enhancing their own natural energy with nature - the impetus for nonchalant (casually calm) nirvana.

Deciding to enter the somewhat esoteric natural nude environment brings with it a transcendental view of the world. A light that shines personal connectivity with nature, leading to a personal choice of inner sensuality and touches our innate being, bringing us closer together towards our personal divinity.

Experience the feeling of natural nudity with nature and enter your innate feelings of personal intimacy; your true self, and be respectfully objective towards orthodox public nudity. Using a pragmatic approach brings qualia to our inner self and leads to personal synchronicity with our naked self, and nature.      


** "The Event" is promoted without coercion. Giving participants personal autonomy within the wide spectrum of group nudity, and to make personal choices while attending. "The-Event's" purpose is to attract more attendance on a particular day, for more visual stimulus, empirical knowledge and communicative development. "The-Event" is the initial impetus stimulus for prospective attendees to make a choice towards attendance. **


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"The Pure Level of Self Is When You Touch an Energy Field Separate From Societies Influences" (Mitchell Zen)

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